Virtuosos: Immer Besser - Miele

A Compendium of Excellence 20 years of excellence, heritage and innovation, captured in an extensive compendium, featuring the geniuses of tastemakers and ambassadors.

Brief: To celebrate their 20th Anniversary in Singapore, Miele came to Studio 155 with a brief for a cookbook to be published.

Miele holds a strong network of ambassadors that they’ve grown with over the years. From distributors, to chefs, to celebrities, Miele has supported these ambassadors on their journey to become creators and tastemakers. The 20th Anniversary served as an opportune time to reminisce and celebrate the journey and the growth together.

Creative idea:

Virtuosos: A 20-Year Culmination of Collaborations, Connections, and Beautiful Friendship was born as a means to showcase Miele and its impact on key tastemakers, creators and innovators in Singapore. Instead of creating purely a cookbook, we place each tastemaker as the main character of their stories by creating a compendium with 20 booklets. Each booklet carries Miele’s brand journey, the tastemakers’ personal stories and their journey with the Miele brand. Each tastemakers also shared two of their recipes – one heritage recipe and one innovative recipes. Through showcasing these two types of recipes, we detail how Miele’s quality craftsmanship and breakthrough products enhances heritage dishes, and aid in innovations.

We created 20 personalised cover photos for each of the tastemakers. Each photoshoot used key standout ingredients from the tastemakers’ own recipes and are stylised to bring out the tastemakers’ personalities, be it serious, playful, daring or even humorous.

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