Studio 155


Studio 155, a full-suite creative and design marketing agency custom-crafts inspiring, exceptional, original multi-media and social content to meet all your brand’s specific purposes and objectives. From print, web, an integrated social media plan, to on-site activations, we help you conceptualise, originate, tailor and install unforgettable creative concepts, content and designs through a plethora of assets and channels that drive unique experiences right to your targeted audience. As a turnkey creative agency, Studio 155 produces and manages projects that are ready to serve – from concept, content and design, marketing to on-site activation.

Hyper-adept at being on-marque, Studio 155 will move mountains to unearth ingenious solutions to best cultivate and propagate your brand and its campaigns. Studio 155 puts the extra into ordinary and we shape the narrative according to the conversations you want. We bring creativity and design to the table.



Studio 155’s most exciting arm never backs down from a marketing challenge. The more radical and impossible, the more over-the-moon we are. That’s because as creative marketeers and design specialists, we thrive on producing fresh, exciting, and memorable experiences for your customers through sheer imagination, innovation and resourcefulness, in order to bring to life some of the most one-of-a-kind campaigns for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

No strangers to social media, our job is to enable your brand’s social media to make friends with your customers. Studio 155’s cutting-edge social media expertise means your brand gets matchless next-level awareness on an exhaustive and diverse range of social media platforms, to keep your brand top of mind and in your customers’ sights. Our creative campaigns and cutting-edge design expertise will elevate your brand’s social presence and give it actionable recall, so as to create intentional opportunities for your customers to engage positively with it. 

Influencer Marketing

We have a way of influencing the right crowd and as a project partner, Studio 155 offers access to an extensive pool of contacts, social media personalities, key opinion leaders, and TikTokers, the who’s who in social, whom we have cultivated close connections with, to grow your brand’s awareness, through our targeted influencer outreach programmes.

Design Direction and Content Creation
Creative Collective Engagement

First impressions don’t just count, they can be the deepest and most lasting, so, allow us to make a state-of-the-art first impression for you that will blossom into an enduring relationship with your customers. Our team’s stellar skill sets of video animation, illustration, short-form video, and 3D motion will put the needful zing into your campaign concepts. As your partner, we work closely with you to translate your brand’s core essence into distinctive designs that are aligned with its identity. Studio 155’s know-how run the whole gamut: from re-branding exercises to kickstarting new businesses, and everything in between.

Studio 155 is part of Singapore’s creative community of photographers, film-makers, writers, designers, artists, with whom we collaborate to personalise your projects for the outcomes you want.  


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