Client/Brand: Tan Ser Seng
Tan Ser Seng

Client/Brand: Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 

Brief: To create exciting content series for the restaurant’s socials, so as to also continue to reach out to a younger audience

TAN SER SENG RESTAURANT- 70 years of tradition passed through generations

Our Approach: 

This content creation series was focused on showcasing how the food and soups at Tan Ser Seng remain to be part of our everyday lives, through every occasion whether big or small. Bringing in elements of chinese tradition with everyday activities like playing mahjong, the idea was to bring together the young and old, tradition meets modern day. Mahjong remains to be a bonding activity for many generations where grand children and children can play with the elderly and how it is taught over generations- aligning with Tan Ser Seng’s recipes and tradtion of soup making.

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